About Broadband Consultants

About Broadband Consultants (BBC)

Broadband Consultants was founded in 2006 by industry veterans who saw the compromises their customers were forced to make: choose between the high costs of legacy private networks or sacrifice performance and security in order to achieve cost savings. We believe our customers should have both, without the compromise. BBC founders also recognized the complexity and time involved in finding the right solution with the right carrier under ever constraining budgets. We help our clients get into the correct solution with the best provider while delivering the absolute best pricing available from all carriers!

Where is BBC?

BBC is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, nestled on the banks of the beautiful Columbia River. Vancouver is considered part of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, with a population totaling 1.7 million. Elevations vary from a few feet above sea level to 11,235 feet. The Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area offers the best of two worlds: the friendly personality of a small community and the interests of a large city. BBC also operates a remote sales office in Seattle, WA.

What is BBC?

When you're ready to review costs or design a network put Broadband Consultants to work for you! Save Time and Money by giving your business a single point of contact for all of your services - even if multiple bids and/or carriers are needed. Receive unbiased information and get the best deal as we will negotiate directly with the carriers on your behalf. Let us manage your RFP and get the options that satisfy your company's specific needs and not just the products sold by carrier “X”. We can even show you how to combine carriers that are complimentary, creating best-of-breed solutions which provide both least cost and complete continuity.

Mission Statement

Broadband Consultants Mission Statement
Our mission and duty is to help businesses meet their voice, data, and internet needs with the best carriers worldwide at the lowest possible price. At BBC we represent the best interest of our business clients at all times. We have the best employees who are empowered and trained in not only telecommunications, but information technology, and the various I.T. hardware and software applications that power today's businesses. BBC employees are empowered to act in the best interest of our clients and we always remain impartial and allow the clients to make their own decisions based upon our best analysis of each carrier's best offering. We analyze such items like quality, price, design, infrastructure, service, billing, reliability, scalability, service offering, engineering, architecture, and all elements of each carrier's proposal before making our recommendations. We will give you our opinions based on supportable facts and allow each business to make the best choice for their needs.


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  • Focus on building and managing secure and reliable networks and voice services for businesses. IP-based networks and voice represent one of the fastest-growing communications market segments. Business networks provide higher margins and lower churn than consumer broadband.
  • Drive sales and revenue growth through value-added services that make wide area networks transparent to business users. Provide resources and services that best match business users' needs and resources. Most small and midsize businesses do not have dedicated IT resources to investigate, test, deploy, and maintain networks.
  • Differentiate on customer experience and simplification. Position the company as a single-source provider for high-speed network connectivity anywhere in the world. Leverage experience and commercial relationships with most other carriers and suppliers. Building and managing multi-location networks is complex work requiring coordination and integration of various carriers, technologies, and geography.
  • Remain access-technology agnostic. Offer carrier-class national networks and internet services based on MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) standard using IP (Internet Protocol), ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), and Frame Relay technologies while providing the customer with multiple recommended options.


BBC is an industry-trusted carrier-neutral intermediary for voice, Broadband Internet, and secure network solutions. Utilizing our strategic partnerships with the nation's largest carriers, our approach has simplified the daunting RFQ process! We helps our clients find the right solution while providing a true ROI.

Understanding telecommunications services for voice, data, and Internet can be overwhelming. BBC offers the latest technologies and provides solutions satisfying our client's individual needs. BBC allows you to keep focus on your day-to-day business operations while we take the legwork out of provisioning new services.

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