CenturyLink® Security Solutions

Leverage best-in-class safeguards that help ensure you are secure

By doing business online and in the cloud-and embracing BYOD and mobile technologies-companies like yours are creating multiple points of network access and exposure. Also, Big Data generated from this activity means more potentially sensitive data is travelling across your network.

Alarmingly, hackers have moved on to more complex attacks. They are now employing techniques like simultaneous DDoS and malware attacks, social engineering, spearfishing and a host of other sophisticated attacks that are responding in real-time to your network’s defenses.

A Comprehensive, Multi-Layered Security Solution to Escalating Business Threats

What if you could streamline and strengthen your network security environment, so that it’s easier and more cost-effective to manage? What if you could have confidence in maintaining business continuity and evolve network security to address new risks, while supplying greater visibility into network operations? With CenturyLink as your ally, you can.

CenturyLink® Layers of Security

CenturyLink Security Solutions enable you to address the specific needs of your business through a multi-layered security approach. We work with you to help you efficiently recognize and defend against threats. Your solution can be flexibly delivered at your site, from within the network, or as a custom hybrid configuration.


Proactively mitigate malicious DDoS attacks before they reach your private network to improve service availability

Internal Security

Gain protection with managed firewalls from hardware based on your premises

Email Defense

Filter and clean e-mail to block inappropriate content and prevent e-mail worms and spearphishing attacks from entering your network

Internal Security

Leverage the expertise of CenturyLink to help keep your network secure and compliant by thwarting security threats, while giving you more time and resources to focus on core IT initiatives

Network-Based Security

Build security into your network and protect network traffic through robust security features, including a strong firewall and VPN, intrusion detection and prevention, anti-malware, web content filtering, and data loss prevention

Control Center Portal

Gain better insight into network security and performance through improved monitoring, analysis, and reporting of unified data through a single interface



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MPLS DSL pricing starting under $100 per month, including equipment!

If your business is growing but your data traffic is slowing, it might be time to review an MPLS network from BBC. With Class of Service (CoS), you can optimize your bandwidth usage and get the most out of your network. And it can also boost your productivity and bottom line -- at a cost that's more affordable than you might think. As you consider adopting MPLS, it is important to understand the benefits of MPLS in comparison to your existing network infrastructure as well as how service and support vary across MPLS providers.

BBC can offer Class of Service traffic management with high-speed, low-cost DSL access, which puts the performance gain of MPLS networks within reach of more businesses. Because MPLS is highly scalable and less complex than its predecessors, businesses gain more flexibility, less overhead and improved control over network costs. MPLS makes it easy to reroute traffic priorities on the fly, or add new locations to the network whenever you need to.

  • Prioritize/optimize voice, video and data applications
  • Fit MPLS in your budget with T1 and/or DSL
  • Reduce transit delays and transaction times
  • Divert traffic around link failures and network congestion
  • Add new locations quickly
  • Enhance security and simplify disaster recovery
  • Streamline network implementation and management
  • Share a network-based Internet access port without provisioning separate access circuits


BBC is an industry-trusted carrier-neutral intermediary for voice, Broadband Internet, and secure network solutions. Utilizing our strategic partnerships with the nation's largest carriers, our approach has simplified the daunting RFQ process! We help our clients find the right solution while providing a true ROI.

Understanding telecommunications services for voice, data, and Internet can be overwhelming. BBC offers the latest technologies and provides solutions satisfying our client's individual needs. BBC allows you to keep focus on your day-to-day business operations while we take the legwork out of provisioning new services.

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