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A company which provides comprehensive services utilizing the Starlink low earth orbit satellite network, which is owned and operated by SpaceX. ZeroOutages managed services incorporate connectivity via Starlink, along with enhanced Quality of Service, Meshed Networking, and Integrated Network Security.

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Business SMB 200M

Speed up to 200MBPS


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Enterprise 500M

Speed up to 500MBPS or bond for 1G


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Business 250M

Speed up to 250MBPS


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Easy Deployment

Being the first Starlink vendor, ZeroOutages has the experience and skillset to ensure a smooth installation for each new customer. ZeroOutages Starlink-enabled SD-WAN services come with onsite technical assistance services in order to simplify deployments. Onsite installation ranges from $500 to $1000 one-time charge. Professional Surveys available at request for one-time nominal charge of $500 to $1000, or remote surveys are available using global coordinates and client site pictures.

Starlink Connectivity by SpaceX

The Starlink connectivity incorporated within ZeroOutages' service ensures low latency and high bandwidth speeds for customers, and achieves this due to its low earth orbit (or LEO) configuration. Starlink service can be deployed globally, so any location around the world can be incorporat-ed within the same telecom network (great for multi-site organizations).

24/7/365 Support

ZeroOutages Starlink solutions provide 24/7/365 network
monitoring and customer service. Upon initial purchase, the
ZeroOutages support team initially provisions the service and ships the onsite equipment, configures the settings, and enables the customers public virtual IP address.


A ZXG50 is provided with each service and we offer a host of
upgradeable options for equipment to suit individual business needs. Visit our website for further information on or contact Mark Prudell.

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SD-WAN Solutions

ZeroOutages Starlink SD-WAN services incorporate detailed network reporting, 24/7 monitoring, enhanced Quality of Service, and layered security services, all designed to maximize our customers network connectivity. With built-in QoS, customers can prioritize applications and direct traffic across up to three VSAT links.

Virtual IP Addressing

ZeroOutages provides Starlink Managed customers with Virtual IP Address (VIP) services from any of our 50+ data centers around the world. Customers can request a dedicated Virtual IP Address from any country or geographic region. ZeroOutages can even provide a dedicated subnet for customers that wish to have routed IP addresses from their endpoint devices. /30 available for $50 per month or a /29 is available for $100 per month. Higher bundles available on request and IP associated costs increase based on size of block.

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Please note – at this time we are only offering Starlink business services, if you are looking for an internet service for you home we will not be able to assist you.